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Wherever people work hard, play hard, care very much, we can make a more powerful film.

Jackie Kennedy

A President To Remember first broadcast on HBO in 2011

Original John F. Kennedy Films

Primary JFK and Jacqueline campaign in Wisconsin, 1960

Adventures on the New Frontier an ebullient young President moves into the White House, 1961

Crisis Inside JFK's White House during a crisis over integration in the South, 1963

Faces of November the assassination of President John F. Kennedy as seen through the faces of his compatriots, 1964


Drew Associates Film Library

Winning Films Emmy Peabody duPont/Columbia Cannes Venice

The Sunship Game now available on DVD on Amazon.com.

10 MasterWorks of Cinema Verite

Ten Masterworks of Cinéma Vérité

For the first time, a historic DVD package of 10 groundbreaking documentary films by the inventor of American Cinéma Vérité... a style of filmaking in which a camera freely travels with its subject and covers events as they unfold.

These films are fresh from being restored, and most have not been available, or seen, since the dates of their original broadcast beginning in 1960 through 2008.

PRIMARY (1960)
    JFK and Jacqueline campaign in Wisconsin

53 minutes

     The fastest man races at Indianapolis   

61 minutes

     Top high school coaches clash in Miami’s Orange Bowl

63 minutes

THE CHAIR  (1962)
    Lawyers plead for the life of a murderer

79 minutes

     A girl in the Dimitri Mitropoulos piano competition

53 minutes

JANE (1962)
     A young Jane Fonda struggles in a leading role on Broadway

54 minutes

BLACKIE (1962)
     Captain Blackburn’s transatlantic flight on his 60th birthday

53 minutes

     A couple in love, with a baby they love, fall into addiction

53 minutes

America’s greatest male dancer flirts with ruin at the New York City Ballet

53 minutes

A close, candid view of JFK’s political life 

86 minutes

10-DVD Set - $995

About Robert Drew - As an editor at LIFE, Robert Drew specialized in the candid still picture essay. As a Nieman Fellow at Harvard he worked out theories for a film making based on candid photography in motion pictures. He assembled a group of journalists and filmmakers -- among them Richard Leacock, Gregory Shuker, D.A. Pennebaker, James Lipscomb, Hope Ryden, Mike Jackson, Tom Bywaters, Anne Drew. Robert Drew managed the engineering of lightweight cameras and recorders and developed editing techniques to allow stories to tell themselves through characters in action.

"Wherever people work hard, play hard, care very much, we can make a more powerful film." -- Robert Drew